Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DCG

    DCG is a “referral only” real estate brokerage created to provide inactive agents a place to hang their license. Our agents maintain the ability to generate income through referrals. Perfect for licensees who do not want to actively work in real estate but want to keep their license active and generate income.

  • How does it work?

    Simple! Just submit your single family/condo referrals to DCG and we’ll connect your buyers/sellers with an agent, or to the agent you choose. We pay you 80% of the referral fee we receive (normally 25% of the referred side commission), when the deal closes.

  • Can I send my referrals to a specific agent?

    Absolutely! The answer is yes and the benefit to this is that you can negotiate any referral fee percentage that is agreeable between you and the agent you’re referring this business to, with a minimum of 25%. You will be responsible for securing an executed referral agreement that will need to be signed by agents and principal brokers of both firms. Any verbal agreement are unenforceable. Also, please note you will need to have an executed referral agreement in place for EACH buyers/sellers and EVERY transaction you refer AND you need to provide us a copy of that referral agreement signed by that agent’s broker. If you choose your own agent, please specify in your referral agreement whether your referral is Buying Only, Selling Only or Buying and Selling.

  • What is a referral agent?

    A Referral Agent is a licensed real estate agent whose services are limited to referring buyers/sellers to an active agent. They do not actively solicit or engage in the sale of property.

  • Should I join?

    If you do not actively sell real estate but want to maintain an active license, the anser is YES!

  • I just passed the real estate exam. Can I join?

    YES! Newly licensed agents are welcomed.

  • What states are you licensed in?

    DCG (Droz Consulting Group, LLC) is a licensed brokerage in NY. However, we can match your referral anywhere in the U.S.A.

  • Do I have to join the local MLS?

    No. Agents who join DCG are not members and do not have access to the MLS.

  • Do I have to continue to take CE education?

    Yes. Agents who join are required to keep their license active with New York, which includes taking the required CE education.

  • How much is the yearly membership fee?

    $149 yearly membership fee which covers holding your license for a 12-consecutive month period. You also have the option of added a webpage for $100/yr.

  • What if I decide to go back into selling real estate?

    Just email us to let us know and we will free up your license for your new Broker.

  • Can I get a referral on the sale/purchase of my own home?

    YES! You would refer yourself just as you would any other buyer or seller.

  • Do you provide an agent webpage?

    Yes, this is an option at an addition $100/year

  • Do I need to be licensed?

    Yes, you must be a fully licensed agent with C.E. requirements met, to join DCG and/or receive a referral fee. A salesperson may not accept compensation for licensed activity nor pay compensation for licensed activity except through the broker under whom he/she is at the time licensed.

  • Can I also keep my license with another broker?

    No, sorry.

  • What if my license is expired or inactive?

    To determine what is needed to renew or activate your license, contact the DOS 518-474-4429.

  • Can I list homes and/or represent buyers?

    No. DCG agents may ONLY refer their leads and earn referral commission fees. Listing homes and/or representing buyers is NOT permitted. To do so would be a violation of DCG AFFILIATION AGREEMENT and would result in immediate license termination, forfeit of any/all referral commissions, and appropriate legal action. If you ever want to become an active agent, no problem! Simply let us know and we’ll free up your license so you can move to another Broker. You can cancel your membership or transfer to another broker at any time.

  • How much will my buyers/sellers have to pay?

    Our service is completely free to your buyers/sellers.

  • Can I submit "cold referrals" or "internet leads"?

    No! DCG is ONLY for friends, family & people you know. Ask yourself, when we call this person to verify their information, and we mention your name, will they know who you are, and did they give you permission to refer them? If not, this is a cold referrals/internet lead.

  • What type of buyers/sellers referrals can I submit?

    - Friends
    - Family
    - Co-workers
    - Past buyers/sellers
    - Personal contacts
    - Professional contacts